Monday, April 26, 2010

Low Cals

Anyone have or know of a good place to find low calorie recipes? I am looking for some that are 350 or less per serving. I am hoping to find some that are not too strange and that I can make and they will still be edible/filling for someone that is not trying to loose weight. :) Also if anyone has any suggestions on good snacks, quick lunches or anything else I am all ears! I am a bad snacker so I am going to try to bring more fruits and veggies to work so that when I get the munchies, I can eat those instead of cookies, candy or chips. I am going to try starting out to stick to about 1600 a day. Thanks!


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  2. Brooke! Hey babe! I have a trick for you. I always try to keep some cooked whole grain brown rice in my fridge. Then you can mix a lot of stuff with it like steamed veggies with soy sauce, shrimp SPRINKLED - not dumped - with parmesan cheese (you can buy the frozen shrimp cheap from Macey's in a freezer by the meat section. It's about $2), cubed sweet potatoes, lean ham and egg whites (kind of like a healthy fried rice), chicken, etc... My favorite is to steam some snow peas. Then toast some almond slices in some olive oil or coconut oil. Stir it with the peas and add over rice. Yum! Just stick with eating about a fistfull of the rice with a palm full of add-ins and you'll probably hit your calorie mark. Good Luck!

    Also, check out

    Hope that helps! --Kiesh

  3. Brooke,
    You can also go to and then scroll down the page until you see "recipe finder" and click on view all recipes. There are tons of good, healthy, low calorie recipes! :)