Friday, October 15, 2010

Diet Update

So its been about 7 weeks since my husband and I started our diet and we're so excited about the results! The first 3 weeks is the losing period and then the next 6 weeks after that is the maintenance period. During the first 3 weeks it was very strict on the amounts of food, what we could eat, and when we could eat...No sugars and starches and even the types of vegetables we could have. The first 3 weeks of the maint. you still can't have any sugars or starches but you can eat more of a variety, and eat until your more weighting everything. For desserts we were able to have sugar free pudding with sugar free cool whip or sugar free/fat free frozen yogurt with fruit. It was so nice to finally get a treat...If any of you know me, you know how I am with my sugar! :)I thought I would really miss my soda pop but I haven't at all...just missed the treats. During the first 3 weeks I lost 13 pounds (which is right where I wanted to be) and my husband lost 28!! WAHOO! I'm back to pre-baby weight and he is back to pre-wedding weight! He is loving all the attention he is getting about his weight loss (you'll never catch him admit it though). Everyone says he looks so much younger. The only place I thought I was losing was in my belly but my brothers tell me they see it in my face too. (that was new to me, I didn't think my face was chubby) That's the first place I saw a difference in my husband is his face. During the last 3 weeks of maint. you can start slowly adding sugars and starches back in. I had a turkey hoagie yesterday for lunch and since I haven't had bread in over 6 weeks it was by far the best sandwich I've ever eaten!!! The first week of all this was by far the hardest thing either of us chose to do. It was mentally, and physically draining! I will admit that on day 7 we broke down and cheated. We were both so weak we could barely get out of bed, and just couldn't focus and function. We went to Arctic Circle and I got chicken fingers (I only could get 2 down before I was too full)and he got a taco salad. Immediately upon eating, we felt completely normal again, and were able to go back to the diet. After that, it has flown by and was completly worth it. I would totally do it all over again. I am also happy to report that my sister in-law who did this diet before and lost 50 pounds, is back on it again and has lost another proud of her!


  1. Amy that is so awesome although I'm having a hard time believing you actually had 13 pounds to lose. I hate diets! This one actually sounds healthy though. Sounds like you just stop putting crap into your body. Way to stick with it.

  2. That is so cool. What diet did you do?

  3. Where do I find the details of this diet? Sounds fantastic!!