Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MS Tour 2010 Questions

If anyone has any questions about becoming a participant/rider in MS Tour 2010 PLEASE email me! (Darlene, I answered some of your questions in a comment to my original post! Thanks for your interest!) It would be fantastic to have more team members and friends to ride with!
If we register before 3/31/10 fees are only $35.00 and I have a discount code (SAVETEN) that allows registration fees to be reduced to $25.00.

My email is:

Please do email and consider riding! If riding does not interest you, please email me if you have questions about volunteering. The volunteers really do make this event wonderful! It is truly a great cause!
I have both family and friends who have MS and have taken care of many patients with it. That is just some of my inspiration to raise the money and ride!


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