Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mmmm for a minute, but good bye sugar for a while.

I know this isn't an inspiring post, and I hope it isn't taking away your drive! I am enjoying some cinnamon swirl bread from Kneaders bakery, made into french toast with syrup, and strawberries!! I know it's so unhealthy and fattening, but my husband and I are starting up our new super strict diet on Monday, and I don't know how I will survive 6 weeks without any of the good food I'm so used to. So I am enjoying the last bit of sugar i can have for a while. I guess I must be the pickiest eater because there is hardly anything on the diet menu that I like. And there is absolutely no sugar allowed! For all of the torture I'm about to go through, I sure hope it works! LOL!! Although Working out has made me feel better, it hasn't changed my baby pouch at all, no matter how many crunches or how long I ran. So, I decided it's time for something a bit more drastic! And I've heard with this diet, that's the area you lose fat first. Good bye sugar, soda and watermelon, it was a fun summer! Hello to all of the veggies and fish I hate so much. (who would have thought that a diet wouldn't allow corn, peas, or green beans) I will be drinking some nasty herbal green tea, and water only! I will be eating chicken and steak (with very limited seasoning) so often that I hope I still like it by the time I'm done. The first 3 weeks will be the toughest. The last 3 weeks I can start adding some of the other foods back in so my menu won't be so limited. Since Alex is on board for the ride with me, hopefully it will make things easier. My sister-in law is the one person who is a bigger sugar junky than me, and if she can do this, then there are no excuses for me. She went on this diet in June and has lost 45 pounds. She's AWESOME!! Wish us luck!!

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  1. good for you! I love to see people trying new and different things to meet a goal they have. Try and think of it as a vacation from sugar, just think how good sugar will taste after the diet! Good luck.