Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hey there, I just wanted to post about my experience I had today. Everybody knows how hard it is to start and stay on a exercise/diet plan. Well, today after work, I went and picked my kids up, got pulled over by a cop on the way home, (no ticket thanks heavens), helped my wife clean and feed the kids, then we watched our little niece for a couple hours and I was TIRED! I had not done my workout yet today either. Today is my running day. As I sat on the couch, I just kept telling myself, "your way too tired to workout, just start it up again hardcore on monday. Relax tonight." I got up and looked outside and it was snowing and cold. I said to myself, "good heck, I am not running in that!" I would have been so easy just sit home and relax. But I decided to go on my run anyway.

As I was running on the cold, wet, dark running trail I usually run on I thought, "why did I almost skip my run tonight?" And I got to thinking about how easy it is to start a new workout plan, set new goals, and then slowly get out of the habit of doing the workouts everyday. Because whenever you skip a workout or cheat on your diet, you are forming a habit of skipping workouts and cheating on your diet. It seems to get worse and worse until your back to where you were when you started. It is so easy to tell yourself, "I'll start exercising next week" or "I don't have time today to do it" or my favorite, "I just have too much going on to exercise, i'll start when things are not so hectic." As I was running, I thought about on of my favorite movie quotes of all time from Rocky 3. Apollo Creed is trying to get rocky to train for his big fight coming up and Rocky's head is somewhere else and Rocky tells Apollo, "I'll do it tomorrow. Apollo says to Rocky, "There is no tomorrow!!"

That quote is so true. The only thing we can control is today. The past is already gone and we don't know what the future will hold. I thought about that quote while I was running and it inspired me. Instead of running my usual 3 miles, I ran about 5. So the next time you are tired from you day and you tell yourself that you will do your workout tomorrow, or start a new workout plan next week, think about apollo creed and get up from whatever you are doing and go do it TODAY! We can only control what we will do today. I Promise that you will feel so much better if you just go do it!

All you new people that I sent invites out to, feel free to post whatever you would like, goals, recipes, workouts, events, or anything else you would like. How about some before and after pics too!!!!!!!

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