Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Races

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you all a list of the runs in Cache Valley this year...there are a ton!! Running is so great for your body and a really good stress reliever! I encourage everyone to try at least one race this year. Get a group of friends together and go have a good time; you usually get a really nice shirt for doing the races too!

Here is the list:
Freeze your Buns 2/6/10
Shamrock Shuffle 3/13/10
Run for your Life 4/10/10
Providence Family Fun run 4/17/10
CAPSA "Run From Violence" 4/17/10
Race Against Abuse 5/1/10
Pleasant View Family Run 5/8/10
Smithfield Health Days 5/8/10
Race for Ability 5/15/10
Duathlon 5/22/10
Cache Valley Biathlon 6/12/10
Olympic & Spirit Triathlon 6/12/10
Gunsight Gallop 6/19/10
Logan Peak Trail Run 6/28/10
CV Super Sprint Triathlon 7/1/10
Blacksmith Fork Freedom Run 7/3/10
This is the Race 7/24/10
Last Chance Sprint Triathlon 8/7/10
Race for Life 8/7/10
TOU Half Marathon 8/28/10
Wellsville Founders Day 9/6/10
TOU Marathon 9/18/10
Bear 100 Ultra 9/24/10
Duathlon 9/25/10
First Dam Run 11/6/10
Turkey Trot 11/20/10

If you want more information on these races you can go to


  1. Andy will you add me? And Gent, are you running the race on Sat?

  2. hey shelly, I sent one to I'll send another one or if you have a different e-mail, just let me know.

  3. oops, i see my mistake, I just sent another one to

  4. Shelley,
    YES I am running on Saturday, if I make it into Al's this week! Are you going to run it?!

  5. Gentry,
    Thanks for the list! This should help to keep us busy this year!

  6. Thanks for the list!!! This is great... I might post this on my blog too if you don't mind...