Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blog Followers

We have some blog followers.  Diane lots a lot of weight and Chelsea ran a marathon.  Would you mind telling us how you accomplished such big goals?


  1. I am one of those that lose weight and then gain it again. I am a forever Weight Watcher. I am finally doing some excercise by joining Curves. Being the "old fart" that I am I would love to be a runner like Shelley but I don't even know where to begin. I am looking here for inspiration. Thanks for letting me!

  2. First off, let me just say that I would NEVER call myself a runner. If your body isn't used to running it just comes a little at a time. Just do what you can do. Walk for 5 minutes then run for 1 or whatever you can do. Then try to run a little bit more the next time. Anyone watch the Biggest Loser? I was so proud of the yellow team on Tuesday. When the girl was told to run for 5 minutes she was shocked. She kept saying, "run... for 5 minutes?" Keep in mind, this girl is obese and the thought of running at all was probably so overwhelming to her, but she did it! She ran for 5 minutes straight. Diane, I would love to run with you sometime and you look great! Keep up the good work.

  3. Grandma Duffy,
    I am glad to see someone my age on this blog!
    I never started running until I was 51, and I did just like Shelly said "a little bit" at a time. After 3 years I have finally realized I can run! Last year I did 6 5K runs and A triathlon. Next month March 6th I am trying my first 10K. GOOD LUCK!

  4. when I started running the first time my goal was to run a mile without stopping, which took some time and then increased by a 1/2 mile when I got comfortable with the mile. So once I got to 1 1/2 miles I increased it by another 1/2 mile and so on. I am doing that now with my running goals and it works for me. Hope it helps.