Sunday, February 21, 2010

New at this...

Thanks Shelley for suggesting that I join this blog.  I was writing about my weight loss goals for the year on my own personal blog and she suggested I join the group for some added support.  Thanks again Shell :) Just a little about me and my personal fitness struggles ...I have 3 kids and have always had a hard time shedding the last 15lbs after each pregnancy.  I eat healthy (most of the time), and try to exercise 1-2 days a week, but I feel that it isn't enough and I have to start stepping it up a bit to really get rid of those last 15 lbs.  My goal is to have lost at least 10 -15 by summer.  My trouble area is my upper body (stomach, arms, and back), but I don't carry much weight in my lower body.  So my question would be... does anyone have any suggestions on how to target the upper body?  What would be the best cardio workout I could get to help me shed these upper body lbs?


  1. Jamey, you can't really "spot" reduce so any cardo is going to make you lose all over (as long as you are eating right). What it comes down to is burning calories. According to my body bugg I have never burned more calories than when I run. You are small and I'm sure you don't need to lose weight so maybe toning would make you feel better about your upper half. Toning is a great way to work on "target" areas.

  2. I think you would be surprised by how much running works your upper body, core, shoulders, etc. I think running is the best workout there is and anyone who is able to should do it.