Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Don't go too nuts

I'm so not the blogger so we'll see how this goes. Just a little piece of advice I recently learned the hard way..... Don't go balls to the wall the first day you start your exercise routine! I've started doing sit-ups after each time I use my eliptical. The first day I started out doing reps. of 20 and decided to do as many as I could. I did ok until I hit sixty. I told myself I wasn't tired yet and I had more in me....so I kept going. The next forty were torture! But when I was done I was proud that I had made it to 100. I paid for my mistake for the next week! I had to beg my husband not to make me laugh because I couldn't handle the pain. Because I was so sore, I didn't feel like using my eliptical either. Now that the pain is gone and I can stand to work out again I decided to cut them in half for now and work my way up.

I wish I could get myself back to my eating habits from high school! I know I didn't eat the healthiest then, but I only ate when I was hungry and I didn't just snack all day. Now that I have 2 kids and I stay at home with them, its so hard because they are always asking for snacks throughout the day, and without even paying attention, I snack with them even though i'm not hungry.

How do I get my ideal weight out of my head even though I know its smaller than all of the weight charts suggest? All through high school I never weighed more than 110 and to me, that then was my perfect weight. I felt ok about myself then. I just looked at a weight chart. My height is 5'8" and I weight 126. The weight chart said for my age and height it should be about 128. I know seeing these #'s I should feel good and that I'm at a good place now and I don't need to lose anymore, but my muffin toppin and kangaroo pouch suggests otherwise!! Any suggestions on how I mentally get over it and just accept what my weight really should be? All I see is that I've never been able to get rid of my baby fat. I didn't gain any weight for 3 years after high school. Right before I got pregnant with my first baby, my husband and I started going to the gym and I gained muscle weight and was at 115. I thought since I didn't really gain weight easily that I would gain 15-20 pds max. throughout the pregnancy. I was BLOWN AWAY because by the end of it I had gained 50 pds. It was so slow to come off. My kids are 2 1/2 yrs apart and by the time I got pregnant with the second I was down to 122. So to me I just see it as lingering baby weight....maybe I just need a good Pshychologist to talk me into different HAHAHA LOL! Any advice is welcomed.


  1. Ahhh Amy, I miss you! Now maybe I am not the right person to talk to because I know NOTHING about weighing 110 pounds, but I have seen you pre babies and post babies and I'm being honest when I say that you look better (healthier) now. You look great and you always have so my advice is just stop weighing yourself. You don't need that extra stress in your life. Eat right and exercise because it's good for you. You don't need to lose a pound.

  2. I Miss you too! Thanks Shelley, one of these days maybe I will be able to see it for myself. I think we all tend be more critical of ourselves and see ourselves differently than others view us. You look AMAZING by the way! I hope to gain a love for running as you have. I can only last 20-25 min. on my eliptical at the moment ( huge improvement since a month ago I'd about die at 3 min lol)