Monday, February 1, 2010

Buddy System :)

Hey everyone! I have never been good at dieting and exercising. I never needed to until the last few years and since I was not in the habit, it has been very hard for me to stick to anything I try. And with Eric for a husband who probably has .007 % body fat and eats tons of bread and pop, and doesn't necessarily care for the healthy meals I attempted to make, it has made it hard. I am not making excuses, just explaining myself. haha I need to get more motivated and really make a new lifestyle for myself. So I think I might be a lot different than most of you. I don't have much to contribute at this point but desperately need all the help I can get! I am going to tell you my goals in hopes that it will motivate me.

My current weight is 132. My pre-pregnancy weight was 127 so I am not too far from that but even the 127 was too high. Ideally I would like to get to and maintain a weight of 115. When I reach this point if there is still more that I can loose and still be healthy, I will keep going! So here we go. I am starting at the very bottom with not much knowledge or anything so I will greatly appreciate your posts! Feel free to check in on me, please do! I fail miserably when I go at it alone. :) Also, if anyone ever wants a workout buddy on the weekends or in the evenings, let me know. For now, it will be me and my treadmill. I can't wait for nicer weather so I can take Deegan out in the stroller!

Also, if anyone has any good tips on where to start or things like that, please share. I know if I try too much all at once, I will once again fail. Thanks and I am excited to get going!

Oh yeah, I am still nursing so I don't wanna do anything that will affect that. Suggestions??


  1. Brooke, Shelley and I go to the Logan Rec center Tuesday nights from 5:30-6:30 for a bootcamp/power toning class. We both are usually there every Tuesday, so you should start coming with us too! It's a really fun class and always an awesome hard workout! I'd love for you to come with us. The Rec center has really fun classes pretty much every evening of the week. Each class is $2, so very cheap! It's always better to workout with friends! :)

  2. Sounds fun! I dont usually get home till 5 or a little after but I could hussle. What kind of workout is? I am so outta shape and very uncoordinated. You might not want me to stand near you guys. ha ha. Would I need to bring anything of my own?

  3. Nope they have everything there that you need! I'm so uncoordinated as well, but you don't need to be for this class! The first half hour we do cardio drills and the second half hour we do muscle conditioning with weights and bands.

  4. Brooke, I'm in the same boat as you! I really need someone to go with and someone who will TELL me to get off my butt and work out! I've been doing good on my own but probably not as good as I should ;) I do have a black card to planet fitness, which means I can take a friend (no cost to you) So if you ever want to go just let me know! Or better yet TELL me that we ARE going ha ha

  5. Britt, DEAL!!! I can go most evenings as long as Eric will babysit. ha ha. I am not sure I can make the classes Gentry and Shelley go to but I really need to do something! Are evenings good for you? Like 6 or later?