Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hey there!

Just wondering how everyone is doing. I am just waiting for ash to get home from work so I can go on a run. I am doing a cycling class that is pretty sweet. I love to ride bikes and I am planning on some triathlons this year so I thought I would start to get in "biking" shape. Anyway, just wondering what you are all up to.


  1. Doing really great! Minus the yummy Superbowl food! I just started a new bootcamp class last week that is M-W-F at 5:30 AM...Yes I know i'm crazy getting up so early but I LOVE it!! I don't think i've been this sore in a very long time. We do pull-ups, or pull-downs I guess you could say because i'm not strong enough for a pull-up yet. Try doing some pull-ups...you'll be sore where you didn't even know muscles existed. Love the blog as well!

  2. I know! I couldn't believe how many pull-ups we had to do today. I think I will feel it tomorrow. Wish I could do a reall pull-up.

  3. I DID IT !!! Today at crossfit I did 5 55lb thrusters, keep in mind that when I started I was doing thrusters with a 15lb bar. You take the bar into the rack position go down into a deep squat and then come up and pop the bar up over your head. The trainer had to keep reminding me to breath but I did it. My push ups still suck hopefully I can get them down in the next 5 weeks. Gentry and Shelly your boot camp class sounds like so much fun! Good for you guys. Gentry I have a question, were was it that you said you went running this winter
    could you give me the approximate address.

    Thanks Everyone

  4. Darlene,
    AWESOME job!!! That is AMAZING!! I don't think I could ever do that! That is great! I just go running on the loop behind Blackhawk Condo's...My address is 205 west 1305 south in Logan so just right behind there...not sure on the exact address! There is a soccer park there with a playground also. I think its called Bridgerland park but i'm not positive! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. Awesome Darlene! I think what you are doing is amazing! A huge part of why I want to be healthy and active is because I want to be able to run around and play with my kids and grandkids when I have them. I hope when I'm your age (not that you are old) I'm as fit as you.