Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things that I have done :)

About 2 years ago, my husband bought me a road bike. I have ridden many rides (one with Stacey), and plan to ride many more.

1) June 2008, Little Red Riding Hood, 38 miles (if I remember right).
2) June 2008, MS Tour, 40 miles
3) August 2008, ULCER (Utah Lake Epic Century Ride), 30 miles.
4) June 2009, Little Red Riding Hood, 46 miles
5) August 2009, ULCER, 95 miles

These are just some of the registered rides (that I can remember). All throughout the nice weather Stacey and I have (and will) cycle up (and down) Smithfield Canyon and many other places. I also started mountain biking last summer. I am not great at that one, but each bike ride (registered or not) have been so much fun. The registered rides usually make monetary donations to different charities. Every registered ride have also been fantastic and are well supported.

This season we plan on riding all of these rides above and a few more. In August, Cache Valley usually hosts a century ride. You don't need to go 100 miles but we are adding this ride to our list of rides. There are also some fun rides in Southern Utah that we plan on trying to do.

I had a doctor tell me once that cycling wasn't a good workout activity. She was right. It's a great workout activity.

Okay, I am done now!


  1. Trish,
    Thank you, Thank you. Thank you!!! I would have completely forgotten that sign ups for Little Red are this month. I totally agree that cycling is a great workout activity. I workout at the gym because it is so good for my body. I ride my bike because I love It, and it lifts my spirit!

  2. Awesome! Those are some pretty long rides. I have been wanting to get a road bike for YEARS, but haven't been able to talk myself into spending that much money on a bike. What kind of bikes do you guys have?

  3. shelley,
    i ride a trek madone 5.1. it is women specific design. i LOVE it. it is kind of pricey, but for any type of womens bike i recommend trek. they have a wide variety of womens bikes and usually come with great components. my mountain bike is also a trek. specialized makes good bikes as well, but their selection for women is not as wide! ;)

  4. Shelly,
    I first got a really cheap mountain bike ($145.00) It got me started and then Stacey and Brett gave me a Trek commuter bike. It is a little more stable than road bike but not as heavy as a mountain bike. I LOVE IT! And not to expensive. A couple of years ago it was around $600.00. My advise it to go into Al's and talk to Trish's (TeamGornold) husband Bentley. He is really good at helping you get the best bike to fit your needs.