Sunday, February 14, 2010


Yeah, I got some new running shoes! I have been running in my nike shox, not the best running shoe, and they were starting to wear out so I went and got some new asics gel nimbus II shoes. I really like them, they are light, and fit my foot really well. If anyone is looking for some shoes, I would recommend going to a running store like striders, if your in utah, and getting a recommendation for you type of foot. The right shoe makes a big difference!


  1. Those are pretty sweet!! I need to get me some new ones too!

  2. Andy, have you used these much? Let me know! I too run in Nike Shox and although they are a running shoe I agree, they aren't the best. I have been trying to talk myself into buying asics for a long time, but then I talk myself out of it because I don't like how they look (I know, I'm a brat). I do love that they have the different arch support color code system. Ok, I'm leaning towards buying some asics, but let me know if you LOVE LOVE them or if they are just ok.

  3. I have those shoes and LOVE them!