Monday, February 1, 2010


Hey everyone, welcome to my very first posting to anything ever. Please bear with me!
Three of the things that I have found I need to stay on track are accountability, someone to work out/play with and a positive attitude. That being said here goes....... If everyone I know is aware of my goals and progress it will help me to stay on track. We are two weeks into the "Beauty and Strength" challenge at Crossfit. Starting the challenge my weight was 160 lbs and my body fat percentage was 29.48% (Stacey and I went up to USU last week and did the Hydrostatic body fat testing, it is suppose to be the most accurate test for your BMI.) I had to set two performance goals for the challenge, mine are 10 "proper" toe push-ups (I can do 4 right now) and 5 thrusters with a 55lb bar ( I currently use a 45 lb bar for thruster.) you can go to the Crossfit web sit and see how the skills are suppose to look. We also have to keep and turn a daily food log (another great tool for accountability.) I have done really well cutting out a lot of the sugar in my diet, so far I have cut my 5 to 6 servings of fruit a day down to 1 and have switched to non-fat plain Greek yogurt. March 17 is the end of the challenge so I will keep you posted on my progress.
I am so very, very lucky to to have such good family and friends that are willing to put up with me, and make staying active so much fun. Stacey is my partner at Crossfit and always pushing me to do better. Andy and Ash are always inviting my to participate in what ever events they are doing, and are constantly sharing information and tips with me. And my friends are so great to go swimming, snowshoeing, and biking with me. Just yesterday Stacey and I went snowshoeing with Carol and Gentry. It not only was a great work out but was so much fun! Thanks Guys!

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  1. Seriously - you are the one who is motivating us! You are always out doing something, and working to eat healthier. Good luck with your goals in crossfit...I have no doubt that you will get there!